Saturday, February 2, 2013

Obama Gun Photo A Hoax: Proof

Unidentified Man Shooting Gun
As you know, there is a HUGE debate going on about guns. There are people on one side, lets call them the GOOD guys, that know guns are the quintessence of America. They understand that America would never be possible without guns (except all the Americans that lived here before but were killed by us with guns and pestilence), and that in order to assure that America never lapses back into a country run by rich people, we must have guns. Guns with lots of bullets.

Then there is the other side. We will call them the EVIL LOSERS. These folks, who tend to be liberal and/or homosexual or run of the mill philanderers, don't give a shit about guns. Christ, they don't even give a shit about trucks! They poo poo the sacred 2nd Amendment by trying to put it in its context, when clearly everything in the Constitution is as timeless as the Universe and just as old (6000 years). They want the GOOD guys to give up their guns. They want America to become pussies.

Symbolic of the EVIL LOSER pussies is the Barrack Hussein Obama. Obama, who once said, "I hate whites and their ugly fucking pasty children," hates guns. Like most EVIL LOSERS he has never been to war. He would rather talk it out. Gay it up, as they say in the Bible. Well, Obama is trying mask his deep seated hate of firearms, but releasing a picture of him shooting a gun. IT'S A FAKE. My friend, who works at Rite Aid, and on Thursday nights does all the picture developing, is an expert on fake photos. When we were kids he used to paste our heads onto the bodies of people like Vince Neil and Dale Earnhardt, and you could not even tell the difference. Here is what he says:
1) It cannot be Obama, because black people always hold their guns sideways. Notice in the picture that the person is holding it straight, like a white man would. I admit I missed this when first looking at it. But, he is right. That's a white man's grip.
2) Black people do not show up on film. Look at any pictures from the 1940's or 1950's in America of families having fun. Do you see any black people? Look at the lunch counters. Look at the buses. Are there any black people on them? This is because black people's skin absorb all the camera waves that are shot out and the waves do not bounce back to the camera. No light can escape a black person. 
3) If that was Obama, he would be shooting a blond, white Christian woman. We all now Obama hates whites, especially hot blond ones that go to church but aren't afraid to give a little tug on a Saturday night. Why would he not be shooting a white women in this picture? I have heard no possible explanation for this fact. Therefore, the burden is on the believers to prove me wrong.
Me and my buddies are still analyzing the picture. So we will be out with updates, soon. However, I think it is safe to assume that the man in the picture is a well-tanned doppelganger that has been employed to fool the public. But that just begs the question: HOW CAN OBAMA BE PRESIDENT IF HE DOESN'T SHOOT GUNS? More to come.


  1. Hate to be a gushing fan, but I can't help myself. This is hilarious.

    I am a brown-haired white lady. Does the president hate me? I bet he does. He was born in Kenya to hate us all.

  2. The president may hate you, but I don't.

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