Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Humorless Commenter Of The Week

I haven't really been commenting on Gawker much, lately. I, did today, however. I have two wonderful comments to share with you. Gawker ran an article on whether the creation of giant lakes could solve the rising sea problem. I made the following comment:

I was taught that lakes were in fact from the ocean. Has this changed? As far as I know, when Moses parted the Red Sea, the water that was displaced spilled over the land and into the oceans, which caused tsunamis of such magnitude that a lot of the land was covered in water. After the water receded, lakes were left. Admittedly, it has been a while since I have been in school, but intuitively it still makes sense.
As many of you know, I am deeply religious. I find most phenomena can be traced back to the Bible. However, I was set straight by a true 21st Century godless science freak:
Uh? Most lakes are fed by springs, rivers, creeks, or a combination of the three. If there isn't a spring at the bottom or some river going through them then local rainfall basically runs off the land and into creeks which feed into them. Maybe there's a few that were leftover from some prehistoric flood but they would be salty (because ocean water is salt water) and most lakes are fresh water.
Notice how there are no Wikipedia citations or anything to prove these crazy facts. Maybe the moon pulls on the oceans, too. LOL!!!!!!!

 I also wanted to share my favorite style of comment: the condescending approver. I got this response from mmelouve:
Omg..normally you annoy me, but this was priceless. Props.
Indubitably, this little cupid of good feeling writes for Hallmark. I kid. It is this type of rugged anonymous honesty that makes the Internet a special place.

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