Monday, December 17, 2012

Humorless Commenter Of The Week

There was an article last week on Gawker about how Cory Booker may make a great impression, but his real mayoral successes in Newark are not that great. I posted the following comment:

He has really turned Newark into a shithole. Before he became Mayor, my family and I used to summer there every year. It was a really lovely place. We loved to pack a picnic and bring butterfly nets and capture the most rare and beautiful insects. There was a guy named Peter that sold water colors out of the back of his van downtown, and they certainly were better than any art I have ever seen. Culturally, I think it had a lot more to offer than NYC. I saw a production of Cats there and it was real cats and not actors. Now we do not go there any more. We sold our summer home. I hope Booker leaves as Mayor and Newark returns to the shining gem it once was.
I did not mean to shit on Newark. I live in Philly. I know what it is like to live in a crime ridden, underfunded, and decrepit city. They are all over the East Coast. I cannot imagine being a mayor in a city without a good tax base and no support from the state capital. I imagine to stay alive politically it is all about smoke and mirrors. Anyway, commenter justoneminute, whose name probably comes from his superb reading comprehension skills, had the following to say:
Really? You used to summer in Newark, NJ every year up to 2006? And now it is too bad there for you to go again? Newark has been the worst place in NJ, besides Camden since well before 2000, when I grew up in north jersey, through the 80s and 90s it was still a terrible place ot be. I can't possibly imagine you went there ever, much less every year, and can still call it a wonderful place.
I suppose this would be the appropriate response if I did not include a version of Cats with actual cats and my entomological exploits. Even then, I am not sure.


  1. I saw your post and thought it was hilarious; I saw the HCOTW's post and thought it was even better.

    Long-standing curiosity: why Philly? Family ties? I live in NYC, and I've always felt like Philly offers none of the big-city niceties of NYC and none of the smaller-city niceties of Boston.

    1. I can't answer for Maury but Philly is the ugly step-child of big cities, or at least, that is what people have decided long ago and haven't bothered to see what it is all about. Philly is a bunch of jerks that throw snowballs at Santa and eat cheesesteaks. I'm an import here, I grew up mostly in the DC area and spent 6 years on the outskirts of NYC but ended up in Philly. However, for all of its demerits, you are very mistaken to think that we don't have big-city niceties. Not only do we have decent theatre, we also have affordable theatre, like the Lantern or the Fringe festival. We have some great museums like the PMA and the Barnes, with a little gem like the Rodin right in between them. Not only do we have a great restaurant scene, we have a fantastic BYOB scene. We have a great, tough food critic, Craig LaBan who wasn't afraid to knock one of our oldest world renowned restaurants when it had slipped several notches. Read his reviews and come down sometime and try one of his 3 or 4 Bell restaurants and tell me that it isn't at least as good as anything in NYC. Oh, and for many of them, bring your own wine and save yourself a ton of cash. We have a great bikable city and one of the largest municipal park systems in the world, including surprisingly good mountain biking. Another plus is that real estate prices that are cheap enough that a middle class worker, like myself, can afford to buy a house right near one of our parks. When I lived in the NYC area, most of my friends had given up on the prospect of ever owning real estate, that's not a problem in Philly. Oh, and on any gorgeous day I want to play hookey I can be on the beach (I'm not from here so I just can't bring myself to say "down tha shore") in 90 minutes. Sure, our schools are a problem that may force us out to the 'burbs but that is a discussion for another day. So, give Philly a new look, it really isn't so bad. It can be downright charming in it's own quirky way.

  2. Wow! Good think you didn't write anything snarky about Paramus.

  3. I often wonder myself! It is a city easy to get sick of. I went to school in this area, so I am here with work. I am ready to move to the woods though. Thanks for reading!