Monday, December 31, 2012

Humorless Commenter Of The Week: If You Knew How Things Work

I am not a good blogger. I get bored of myself. I suppose you have to blog six times a day to maintain any kind of traffic. Who knows? But I haven't posted anything in days. Anyway, this week's comment is good, just because of the first line. Gawker had an article about a letter from some labor camp worker found in a box of Halloween decorations from K-Mart. What the fuck is anybody going to say about that? Yeah, slave labor sucks. Yeah, K-Mart sucks. Yeah, Halloween sucks. Who the fuck decorates for Halloween? Anyway, I had the following to say:

Damn, who buys and then stores Halloween decorations for a year? Probably one of those people that goes out and buys all their Christmas decorations on December 26. Those people make me miserable. Thanks for ruining my day, Gawker.
Obviously, if I do not care about Halloween, I could care less about the deal seeking festive type. Nevertheless, commenter Kuurzon set me straight:
If you knew something about how things are done, Halloween decorations are made right now at this very moment, then they get shipped and stored in a warehouse until it's time to bring out the holiday crap. This can be a year or two ahead of the item's time to be sold.
Although I do have no idea how things are done, I feel like his comment is a good place to start.

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