Monday, November 12, 2012

The Swaze Rejected Sex With Kirstie Alley; She Brags About It

It wasn't until Patrick Swayze died, that I was able to cry during the movie Ghost, or to realize that destiny is just one more Roadhouse down the way. But like many things in life, it takes Patrick Swayze dying before you really understand your past. This could not be more true for Kirstie Alley. Alley, in her new tell all novel describes how she and The Swaze experienced unrequited love back in the 1980's.

In prose reminiscent of Shakespeare, Alley describes a night of heavy drinking with Swayze, in which she could not control herself anymore and threw herself at the ultra-permed heart throb. "I want to make love with you," she said, "I just don't care anymore. Let's just do it." To which Swayze replied, "No." How Alley manages to recall such passion without tears is a testament to her being called the 5th best actress to appear on Cheers. 

Although no drunken humping did occur that night, Alley admits that they did later fall in love. "We did not have an affair. But again, I think what I did was worse," she said. And who cannot relate to all the loving relationships they have never had over their life? It was similar to the time I fell in love with Beyonce, but we did not go on a date. But, it felt worse to me, because I was married and although Beyonce never knew who I was, she could have.

Apparently, Alley's greatest love was John Travolta, the star of Wild Hogs. She calls him the love of her life, although she never acted on this affair either. But it asks you reader, who have you been in love with over your life, but never been in a relationship with? Who are your greatest loves that never loved you or reciprocated your feelings? If not for the boring plebe that you are married to now, who would you be in love with? For Alley that list is long. For you, I hope it is short and does not erode what little love plugs the hole in your soul.

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