Monday, November 5, 2012

Somebody Turned One of My Gawker Comments Into A YouTube Video

Most of you know, I comment a lot on Gawker. I got a message today that said:

"This comment was so awesome i went ahead and made a video and turned it in for a school project (about georgia)needless to say i failed" 

Sensitive guy that I am, I figured the link would lead me to a video of me being burned in effigy.  It wasn't.  Back on September 21, Gawker posted something about how Mitt Romney responded to a reporter's question by pointing to some clouds.  I posted the following comment:

Mr. Romney then walked into a wheat field, where the wheat grew waste high, and bent compliantly to the warm west wind. He looked off into the distance, with a gleam in his eye that made you believe he had been there before, that maybe he was born there. He spread his arms wide at the sides and let the golden wheat brush against his hands. His eyes began to water. Mr. Romney then turned to me, he brought his hands up to the side of his head and made a fist, he began to poke both his index fingers forward. He began to mumble something inaudibly. I tried to hear what he said. Mr. Romney turned and began to run through the wheat, speaking louder and louder, until he began to scream. It took five minutes for him to disappear beyond the horizon, but you could still hear his screams. He was screaming "Tatunka".

Now, thanks to Abrahim Ladha, I can see my comment actually manifested in a Romney/Ryan campaign ad!


  1. I also want to express regret that my comment resulted in failure.

  2. I really thought it was a joke when I saw the comment. Amazing. It is actually just how I imagined it in my mind.