Monday, November 12, 2012

Obama Beginning Second Term By Trying To Silent Intellectual Right

If you are a hardcore Marxist, gun hating, free speech infringing, flag burning homo like me, then you thought Obama might wait a couple months to start his draconian attack on the Conservative intellectual elite. You thought wrong. Denise Helms, the first victim of the Marxist dictatorship, is receiving hell from the press and the rest of America.

Ms. Helms posted on Facebook, the repository of all things wise and brief, the following:  "And another four years of the Nigger. Maybe he will get assassinated this term." Of course the liberal media is taking all of her word's out context and painting Ms. Helms as a knuckle dragging racist that is hoping for the death of the President of the United States.

But what did you expect under this liberal regime? Ever since their victory in the Civil War, liberals have been trying to take away what makes this country great: racism and violence. It was George Washington that said, "Tomorrow we cross the Delaware. Leave the Niggers behind." Yet when true American patriots speak up today, they are shunned and their right to free speech is taken away by YouTube.

And, of course, Ms. Helms is not a racist. She is just passionate. In fact, she said, "The assassination thing is kinda harsh. It's not like I'd go do it. But if it happened, I don't think I would care". See? She does not want to kill himself, but just would not mind if it happened. And she is not racist, either. She has many friends from many nationalities. But, when asked if she equates President Obama with the word Nigger she responds with a resounding, "sure!" I am sure all her black friends do, as well.

But the point is that she has no idea what she did wrong? And do you? To call the president a nigger and wish his death seems like the most benign form of political discourse, and just what the founding fathers envisioned. I suspect the real problem here is jealousy. Ms. Helms is a beautiful blonde woman with an enlightened opinion. She is not some modern day Sacagawea apologizing for America's exceptionalism. As a communist, I love the crackdown on free speech, but I am concerned that America will react negatively to the brazen governmental hegemony, and our effort to strike all racist life threatening speech will backfire.

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